Call Centre Services
Low cost call center services

Asian Media & Marketing Group has been in the publishing industry since 1968 and currently operates from offices in UK, US and India. We are well placed to provide professional Call Centre Services at comparatively lower costs than our competitors. All our Call Centre Services include highly educated and skilled staff, office space, equipment and telephones. Where required we provide additional project training to meet client’s specifications – typical monthly salaries are 700 GB pounds


What we offer
  • SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Reader’s Registration Service; ABC Audit Verification; meet expiry deadlines; increase renewals; reduce wastage with mailing list cleaning.
  • CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAMS: After sales, collecting and inputting data services.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Qualitative and quantitative for products and services. (Clients supply research questionnaires). Opinion polls, large and small sampling.
  • SALES PROSPECTS: Identifying decision-makers and qualified leads.
  • CUSTOMISED REPORTS: Presented in Excel format with an abstract of all transactions delivered to clients weekly or monthly.
  • DEBT RECOVERY: Recovering advertisers’ debts and slow-payers to assist cash flow. TRANSLATION SERVICES: English to Asian languages.


Why use our services:
  • TRAINED WORKFORCE: Our staff are a highly educated and skilled Indian workforce
  • IMMEDIATE HUGE COST SAVINGS: Labour savings of 60 – 70%.
  • SCALABILITY: From 10 to 200 Call Centre operatives.
  • RELIABILITY: Daily progress reports to ensure delivery of campaign.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Delivering a wide range of call centre services at different times, including weekends, to meet client’s requirements.
  • PLAIN ENGLISH: All our operatives use plain English.
  • SPEED: We can set up a service in a few days.
  • TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest technology and infrastructure. Leased fibre optic circuits.
  • SECURITY: Client’s data remains absolutely secure and is controlled by our call centre management and security teams. All data is stored on secure, fire-walled servers.