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Asian Media & Marketing Group (AMG) is an associate of London-based Garavi Gujarat Publications, established in 1968. We are a publishing house that provides a wide array of business services and products that enable you to access affluent, often-highly educated, specific businesses or communities. We champion entrepreneurship, small business and family enterprise, both in the UK, India and most noticeably in the US.


Our reputation

We are Britain’s largest Asian publishing house and have a unique standing in the communities we serve. Founded in 1968 by Ramniklal Solanki, CBE, awarded by the Queen for his services to the publishing industry and the community, Ramniklal started the magazine so that the growing Gujarati diaspora could understand what was going in Britain and the rest of the world.


Garavi Gujarat

Our first title, Garavi Gujarat started in 1968. It continues to set the agenda for Gujarati speaking people the world over. A full 48-page colour international newsweekly, it also contains an English section called GG2 which connects with second and third-generation Gujaratis, whose primary language is English. Printed from the company’s on site printing works, it has both a UK and US edition and reaches more than 43,000 people in the UK and Europe, and a further 10,000 in the US.


Eastern Eye

Our biggest title in terms of positioning is Eastern Eye. An iconic brand for more than 20 years, it is the voice of British Asians and remains the only nationwide title of its kind in the UK. It has readers across every community, every religion and every age group. No other title offers such unrivalled access to Britain’s Asian community. It is one of the youngest, best educated and affluent of minority groups in the UK. In addition to the weekly newspaper, there is a website, carrying the latest news, sport business and it receives millions of hits each month.


Asian Trader

Asian Trader set up in 1984 is a unique title that reaches a wide array of retailers, from the humble corner shop to the growing numbers of independent supermarkets and multi-functional convenience stores. It champions the small trader with big ambitions and is the primary channel for multi-national FMCG companies to communicate with their high street stores and community outlets.


Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy Business reaches out to the community or high street chemist and promotes their role within an ever-changing NHS environment. Again it is the primary conduit for large pharmacy firms to interact with a vital area of its operations. Some 60 per cent of all independent pharmacies in the UK are Asian-owned.


Asian Hospitality

Asian Hospitality is read by large numbers of independent hoteliers in the US who own more than $60bn worth of real estate and account for around 40 per cent of all hotel accommodation in the US. A monthly, it is at the heart of a rapidly expanding trade which offers entry level entrepreneurship to many immigrant communities and provides a unique vehicle for franchise hotel firms and associated trades to market and promote themselves to their core markets.


Call Centre

In addition to all these publications, AMG has a renowned call centre facility in Ahmedabad which specialises in Client Relationship Management and has been involved in many high level projects for blue chip multi-national firms. In addition to this the state of the art call centre can provide a number of back office operations that can save companies time and money.


Publishers Services

We provide cost-saving services for publishers and businesses that include: design; layout of magazines, newspapers, directories and catalogues; digital publishing; printing; subscription packaging, distribution and verification; web design; newspaper, magazine and online advertising and promotions; direct marketing – mailing and door drops; event management and translation services.


Website Services

AMG website services and design solutions include: static to interactive websites; content management to e-commerce trading websites; as well as management and hosting solutions.


Online Media Services

AMG online media reaches the heart of Britain’s Asian communities and businesses everyday with news, entertainment, video, business updates and sport. The most effective websites for campaigns directed at the Asian communities.


Annual Awards

In addition to our publication, each has annual awards ceremonies which seeks to promote the industry and highlights best practice.


GG2Leadership & Diversity Awards

This award ceremony is known as the ethnic Oscars and has become a major fixture on the capital’s social calendars. Attracting many entertainment and sports stars and well known celebrities, it also has a serious side that plays well to a corporate audience and fosters debate on leadership and diversity. Almost 1,000 people attend and on the evening, some half a dozen awards are presented, including the highly prestigious GG2 Hammer Award, given to the person who is a trailblazer and has smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling. Now in its 11th year.


Asian Business Awards

Asian Business Awards recognises the contribution of Asian businesses to Britain’s wealth. A highlight and a who’s who of anyone who has made serious money, it again seeks to highlight the high-flyers and the businesses that have made a real difference.


Asian Trader Awards

Known as the Oscars of retail world, it focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and path-breaking leadership in the convenience and independent store sector. Running for more than 20 years, it is recognised by all in the business as the best awards of its kind.


Pharmacy Business Awards

Pharmacy Business Awards is another hugely successful awards ceremony highlighting the best community pharmacists. Regularly pulling the biggest names in the industry, the awards are recognised as a unique celebration of an industry constantly on the move.

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